Follow the steps here below:

  1. 1.You should already have downloaded this app from the Android Market. Otherwise:

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  1. 2. Install the app on your cell phone, (if not done already).

  2. 3. Launch the app, by a click on this icon on your cell phone:

If this message should popup, (normally it shouldn’t, if you have purchased this app):

Then make sure that your cell phone is connected to the internet. so the app can access the android market license checking server. It must be successfully connected for this first license check to succeed.

  1. 4. On success a new dialog will be displayed showing an ’End User License Agreement’ (EULA). Read this text carefully, (scroll down the text). To be able to proceed you must click on the button ‘Accept’. That’s all, now the app is running.

Note: For more information concerning how to use this app, just choose the menu item ‘Help’ inside the running app, (i.e. press the menu button on your device).


A Powerful Texas Hold'em Poker Odds Simulator App. Improve in poker. Get the Texas Hold’em odds you need from each round. (I.e. each time when it’s your turn to act in the game, based on the dealt cards you input from some poker game you take part in or just study). The displayed odds are adjusted for the number of players at the table.

  1. Bullet Pros:

(+) The simulation process, is displayed and running continuously until you choose to stop it. After a stop, you can choose to continue the simulation, or to restart it from scratch again, (also depending on the input you choose to do after a stop). In other words: You have full control.

(+) Designed for: Easy and rapid input. Rapid and accurate poker odds.

(+) The poker odds are directly adjusted for the number of players you input: From 2 up to 10 players, you included.

(+) You can grasp Texas Hold'em Poker odds wherever you go with your smart phone.

(+) The longer time each simulation process is chosen to run, the more accurate the poker odds should be.

(+) Optionally you may also choose to input the actual bet size to call, (i.e. the 'callSize' and the actual 'potSize'. If you do, then this app will add the following to the displayed output:

   1) A rough advice to how you should act next in the game:  'Fold', 'call' or 'raise', (i.e. based on the displayed break even odds, adjusted for the actual number of players, and the displayed pot odds).

   2) A rough estimated maximum bet size you may choose to bet, (i.e based on your actual probability to win the pot, adjusted for the actual number of players, and the actual pot size).

  1. Bullet Input: Your two hand cards, the board cards (when dealt). The number of players, (2 up to 10, you included). Optionally: The callSize and the potSize.

  1. Bullet Output: Your probability to Win, Tie,  Loose. Your PotOdds, and Break Even Odds..., and some more stuff, (see the snapshots)... :)


Short description

KillerKingPokerOdds version 1.2.9

    A cell phone using Android 2.2, (API level 8),

    or above).

Ola Hjarpe © 2011 All Rights Reserved

The Texas Hold’em Poker Odds Simulator App

Installation and first launch:


New version 1.2.9 !